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Look Your Best and Feel Confident Again!

You don’t have to live with loss of hair or balding any longer. Now is the time to make a change.

What is your hair loss pattern? We can help.

At Ava Hair Restoration, in Carlsbad, California, hair transplant techniques to achieve permanent and natural looking hair growth and hair restoration results. Excellent hair transplantation requires both artistry and technical skill to achieve the most natural and dense results that age well for you.

Your Consultation is with Dr. Stanley…

Our consultation is not a sales pitch, but rather a no pressure visit to evaluate you, your hair loss and the non-surgical and surgical options available.Your appointment is with Dr.Stanley and not a salesperson/consultant. This is a chance to make recommendations for the best course of action for your individual case. There is a $175 charge for the consultation with Dr. Stanley which may be deducted from any hair restoration procedure.

Dr. Stanley provides state-of-the-art hair transplant and corrective surgery procedures with minimal recovery and with permanent results for the full gamut of those afflicted with hair loss. A full range of men’s hair loss solution and women’s hair loss solution, transplant services and non-surgical hair restoration treatments include:

Beyond expertise in hair transplant surgery, Ava Hair Restoration provides individualized, safe, and compassionate care for you. Unlike most hair transplant clinics, Dr. Stanley performs only one hair transplant surgery a day so that there is no rush to perform a procedure that day on another patient.

You will meet with Dr. Stanley at your initial consultation and for all follow-up visits rather than with a non-medical salesperson.

Receive a Consultation with the Doctor

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Make it a Vacation… In Carlsbad, California

Many of our patients come to Ava Hair Restoration travel from all over the United States and internationationally for hair transplantation, and make it a vacation at the same time.

Carlsbad is a pristine, coastal city just north of downtown San Diego. There are great beaches, Legoland, fine hotels & restaurants, nightlife, and more.
Come alone, as a couple, or bring family and friends and have some fun while you’re here. Learn more about the travel possiblities in Carlsbad and the San Diego area.


San Diego Hair Transplants & Hair Restoration… Highest Quality Results

  • We provide you with honest, personalized answers
  • Your hairline will look natural. We value highest aesthetics.
  • You receive a complete surgical plan, not just a surgery
  • Best surgical practices ensure best hair transplant results.
  • Dr. Stanley focuses on one surgery per day… no rushing
  • We maximize your hair density… as dense as possible.
  • We use natural grafts, no separating of hair follicles.
  • You will have a natural look with hair transplantation.