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Women have the same hair loss concerns as men… woman to woman, dr. Audrey stanley can help.


Before hair transplant surgery and after hair transplant surgery photos show the dramatic difference that Ava Hair Restoration clients can expect. Are you a woman with female pattern baldness? Do you have hair loss or do you fear you're going bald? Ava Hair Restoration offers hair loss solutions for women's hair restoration, hair replacement, surgical and non-surgical hair restoration solutions. Ava Hair Restoration is a southern California women's hair restoration company, located in San Diego, California, in the pristine coastal community of Carlsbad, California. Local residents receive: Carlsbad women's hair restoration solutions, Encinitas women's hair restoration solutions, Oceanside women's hair restoration solutions, Del Mar women's hair restoration solutions, Rancho Santa Fe women's hair restoration solutions, La Jolla women's hair restoration solutions, and San Diego women's hair restoration solutions. At Ava Hair Restoration, you are always seen by a board certified, highly respected medical doctor and surgeon. Out of town patients bring their families and make a vacation out of their women's hair restoration, women's hair transplant procedure.© Dr. Audrey Stanley


Women make up approximately 40 percent of hair loss sufferers in the United States. For many women, hair loss is a symptom of stress, pregnancy or a reaction to medication. For others, genetics, injury or disease are to blame. We usually shed between 60 and 100 hairs a day. A woman who notices that her hair is significantly thinning is probably suffering from a more excessive hair loss and the hair follicles are not regenerating hair strands that have fallen out, or the hair is just becoming thinner. In general, hair loss in women is very gradual and often cyclical. Female hair loss patterns differ from that of their males by being more diffuse.

There are three general patterns of female-pattern hair loss as noted by the standard Ludwig Classification System:

Some studies suggest that a majority of premenopausal women and a greater number of postmenopausal women will experience some degree of diffuse hair thinning as part of the natural aging process. A medical exam and blood lab work is often required for the proper diagnosis of female pattern hair loss. If certain medical causes can be identified and treated, female hair loss can in many cases be reversed. The keys for effective female hair loss treatment are a proper diagnosis by Dr. Stanley, early intervention, and proper education of all the non surgical and surgical female hair loss solutions.

If you are a woman looking to disguise scars from other cosmetic procedures like brow and facelifts, Dr. Stanley specializes in transplanting hair through scars. We understand and cater to this increasing number of women who are seeking out hair transplant surgery to camouflage those fine scars. With the dawn of follicular unit grafting, women make excellent hair transplant candidates. At Ava Hair Restoration, we are dedicated to the highest standards in female hair loss solutions, achieving beautiful results for women while creating a positive experience in a boutique medical clinic.

Dr. Stanley’s unique artistry gives a customized hair restoration that enhances facial and anatomical features, and brings back the look that makes a woman feel truly feminine.

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Hair restoration surgery isn’t always the only choice for revitalizing your natural hair. For individuals seeking solutions for hair loss or thinning hair, there are a number of proven products and treatments prescribed by Dr. Stanley that are good options to explore. Hair restoration surgery is the only permanent solution, but many of our patients experience great success in slowing their hair loss by using non-surgical products and procedures.

What are some of the reasons why Dr. Stanley may decide to use non-surgical solutions?

  • Your hair loss is not yet significant enough for hair restoration surgery
  • There may not be enough donor hair for transplantation
  • Other health reasons may prevent a patient from being a candidate for hair transplantation surgery
  • Many women have diffuse hair loss and if they use non-surgical options first, it may delineate the area that would benefit the patient most with surgical treatment

Dr. Stanley may prescribe hair restoration products or therapies for use either by themselves, or as part of an overall treatment that also involves hair restoration surgery. When is it time to consider hair loss treatments or products? As soon as you notice even the slightest amount of thinning hair. Hair loss is a progressive condition, generally stemming from heredity, so early detection and intervention is critical. Before you reach the point of excessive hair loss, Dr. Stanley recommends an expert evaluation to diagnose your condition and discuss treatment options.

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